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About the Author


Dr. Harry Witchel is the Module Leader for Neuroscience and Behaviour at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (UK). His interdisciplinary research interests include psychobiology, drug safety, and human interaction. He is also well-known for his award-winning work to engage the public with science, and he regularly appears on television, radio and in newspapers internationally, with audiences ranging from The Financial Times to the Discovery Channel and the BBC.
His website, with his public appearances and professional portfolio, is here.

Genesis of this project 
This research project and the book to accompany it took over five years to write up, and there are still aspects of the program that are ongoing. Originally the project started as a series of third year physiology projects at the University of Bristol, and I am very lucky to have had several sets of quite talented students, most of whom were medical students intercalating in our Honors Physiology program. The project morphed into a more entertaining and popular endeavor when it was put before the public. The result was a lecture-demonstration with live musicians that unveiled the science of music for the lay public in a highly engaging way; it went exceedingly well right from the start, and the musical presentations that developed from that event have gone from strength to strength, appearing internationally at science festivals and even in formal academic meetings, including:
2009 - London - British Neuroscience Association (plenary lecture)
2010 - Geneva - European Federation of Neurology Associations

A more complete description can be found in the acknowledgements section in the book. 

The Author and Music 
For many years the author played the drums with a variety of local bands in both California and the UK, with highlights including performing at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre and the Victoria Rooms in Bristol, and being in the "house band" for the parties of the Archeology Department at University of California at Berkeley.


book cover You Are What You Hear